27 Dec 2008 @ 3:15 PM 


Projected back to the middle ages, the Israeli killing machine is slaughtering my Arab people in Palestine while the whole world is enjoying its Christmas shopping and when Europe just decided to raise its level of partnership with the Zionist state in spite of a negative advice from the European Parliament.

The aggression is so barbaric and flagrant with hundreds of bodies torn to pieces. I don’t know what western TV is showing but on Arabic television it is a stuning scene. The answer of the resistance must be hard and resolute.

We know that an invasion is on it’s way, at least a partial one unless “Israel” is planning once more to fight its typical cowardly war from far in the sky.

Moubarak gave his blessings to this attack by allowing Livni to boast that she will destroy Hamas during her visit yesterday to Cairo. And also by starving the people of Gaza through the Egyptian-Israeli blockade for long months now.

The Arab official regime is compliant and partner in Crime. Europe is a direct partner in this crime through its push in the back of Israel through upgrading the partnership.

The U.S. is a partner in crime through its continuous material and moral support to the Zionists.

I see now a little baby cut into pieces, how can we retaliate is the only thought on my mind. I embrace the cycle of violence because we are facing extermination, and Livni made no secret of her plans to on the one hand transfer the last remaining Arabs in Palestine and the other hand destroying Hamas. What was taken by force can only be liberated by force, and the battle is one of existence and not of borders. There is no place for Zionists on our Arab national soil, there is no place for colonialism and racism and murder here, the more they kill us the more we are determined to make every single Zionist vanish from the face of the earth.

I call upon our Arab Nationalist youth everywhere to retaliate by any means necessary.

I call upon Moslim youth everywhere to reatliate by any means necessary.

I call upon the Socialist youth of the world to retaliate by any means necessary.

 Let it be known. Let it be done.

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