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The battle in Gaza is ferocious and the resistance is standing strong and keeping the Zionist army from its objective and still firing rockets on colonies in the 1948 occupied territories. “Israel” has been so far only successful in killing innocent civilians, but on all other levels and after more than 18 days of fighting, it is unable to achieve its declared military objectives.

As long as the fight is going this way, the Arab resistance will not open another front, but if things were to turn dire for the resistance, I am almost sure that the Lebanese front will be opened. It is forbidden that the resistance loses this war!

In the world many solidarity signals have been sent through thousands of demonstrators. But none have been really effective in shifting the course of the cowardly political stance in most Arab, European and North American countries at best equating the occupier with the resistant and often totally biased to the “Israeli” position.

Let us all remember how in 2003 millions of people demonstrated in many capitals, and among them London, but they couldn’t change the political will of their government that supportes or participated in the invasion of Iraq based upon pure lies.

Now the demonstrations are smaller and therefore in principal less effective. However there is something that makes me think that this time things are a bit different. This time some of these demonstrations have been agitated and even violent. This is a positive evolution, given that it is directed against the right targets like embassies of the Zionist entity and other representative buildings. trying to occupy and close down embassies by force with all what comes with it is the only strategy for confrontation that should be used now.

A million peaceful demonstrators achieve nothing but 10 000 violent demonstrators can “import the conflict” to any country and make ending the conflict an internal undeniable interest. Given the fact that this conflict has been exported from the west to our Arab homeland when Europe massacred its Jews centuries long then tried to industrially exterminate them and when this failed, together with the Zionist movement it ethnically cleansed them and  sent them to us  as servants of its colonial project. Therefore it is very legitimate to export this conflict back to where it came from.

It is also important to note that Citizens of Europe and the West who feel implicated and involved in this conflict have the right to react accordingly in their respective countries. This is called democracy!

So in every country that has an embassy of the Zio-Nazis in it, people should try to close it by force!

This conflict is going to further radicalise the world and not only the Arab homeland. Added to the global crisis of capitalism new radical thinking will emerge and revolutionary violence will re-surge. Who is to blame for that? in My view only the people who oppress, exploit and destroy this planet.

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