19 Mar 2009 @ 3:24 PM 


Yes they are, first of all because they are treated like this  ( watch the video) and they accept it.

Second of all because they and the whole structure that generated them and that is called the “political process” are results of an illegal occupation that resulted from an illegal invasion.

We all remember the lies that were deployed to justify the invasion and the manipulation that led to it. We all know by now that none of the reasons presented by the Americans to invade Iraq were true or based upon facts. So therefore, anything based upon falsehood is false and cannot be legitimized.

The elections that were held cannot change this fact since they were held under occupation. So they cannot be considered as honest and fair. They reflect the balance of power under occupation as honest and free citizens who are opposed to the occupation forces and their collaborators cannot conduct political activities and campaigning without fearing for their lives.

Iraq is under occupation and all structures collaborating with that occupation are nothing more or less than collaborators and traitors in the same way the Vichy government was under Nazi occupation of France.

The only representative of the Iraqi people under occupation is the Iraqi resistance in all its factions just like the French resistance was the legitimate representative of the French people under occupation and not the Vichy government.

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