04 Apr 2009 @ 3:21 AM 


While trying to return to the UK from Brussels, where I had some meetings this Friday,   the UK home office denied me entry  to the UK after detaining me for 6 hours.

They say I am a threat to the peaceful coexistence of communities.
It is funny they only discovered that after my successful visit with a Hezbollah MP Dr Hussein Haj Hassan and after granting me access few days ago. I think it all has mainly to do with the lobbying of the Zionists who again have a hate article full of lies on me in today’s issue of the Jewish Chronicle that you can read at this link: http://www.thejc.com/articles/jacqui-smith-allows-hizbollah-man


They think this way they can fight the political project I carry and believe in, but they are wrong. So many people hold it as dear as I do and will keep on the good work.
The IUPFP and its volunteers as all the comrades and friends I’ve met and worked with in the UK including MP Geremy Corbyn, stop the war coalition, and many representatives of Asian and Muslim youth are all in the UK to stay and the Zionists cannot do anything about that. Their battle is on the losing end, in the UK as in Palestine itself.

They say I am a man of Hezbollah, I am not, I am a man of justice and Hezbollah is a party standing for a just cause and that’s why I sympathise with it just like I sympathise with every other resistance group all over the world. In a Time when Imperialism is shaking and heading for its final fall, it is no wonder that fascism is expressed through these kind of measures.

They are more and more afraid of free opinions and they are trying to defeat Ideas, no one needs to tell you that this is a lost battle in this time of very efficient communication. They also are threatened when a project succeeds in Linking up freedom fighters with activists and free politicians.

They would rather have us all living on separate islands within sectarian cocoons in order to single us out and take us down each in his corner. They try in vain, the bond being built between free and freedom loving people all over the globe is stronger by the day.

It is also not surprising that the defeated Zionist criminals are going hysterical. One thing is sure, I came to the UK, did what I had to do, the work now can continue without me and nothing can change that fact. Now was my time to go home anyway and the only reason I was going back to the UK was to catch my flight to Lebanon from Heathrow on Sunday.  They lost the essential challenge and succeeding in pressuring the UK government to deny me re-entry  doesn’t change that fact. It just proves the Zionists to be bad losers.

Nevertheless, and as a matter of principal, I will fight against this ban legally and politically. The Zionists and their stooges should not be able to get away with this. As a European citizen I have the right of movement freely within the EU, and as a Human being I cannot be detained without any charges for hours.

MP Corbyn is filing a complaint against this disgrace and I will be following it up with him.

There is no doubt on my mind, that sooner or later I will be back in the UK to do what I do everywhere,  stand up for justice, freedom and equality among all people regardless of race, religion or opinion

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