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I will share with you here few things I have written over the past days in e-mail debates with some friends. They are fragments of thoughts as I just publish my answers because I don’t have the right to publish the whole debate without the permission of the participants..

The issue in Iran now is that the majority voted for Nejad and that this is de facto a pro-system vote. The opposition is claiming that the elections were rigged and so far they couldn’t show any solid evidence of this. Only speculation. The system that the Iranian people chose for their life is their own business, I am not an Iranian but what is clear to me is that this is a velvet revolution aiming at destabilizing another anti-western regime, and  as you know I am not part of the people who support these kinds of activities especially when it is lead by a corrupted elite of millionaires like Musavi and Rafsanjani and behind them an army of yuppies.
My sympathy goes to the majority poor rural masses who voted on Nejad. i am not alone in this, Also Chavez has the same analysis, add to that millions of people in the third world. That first world elites sympathies with the velvet revolutionaries is nothing but normal.



if the majority of the Iranians would have wanted to contest the system then they would have at least voted on Mousavi no? why would they then vote on Ahmedinejad? that is one.
second, Iran’s democracy is limited by theocracy just like your western democracy is limited by capitalism they are all quasi democracies, a real democracy is only possible under a socialist system.
third, the struggle in Iran is within the elite and not outside of it.
fourth the west has no moral legitimacy whatsoever to talk about police repression when they are policing the whole world by extreme force and behaving as thugs in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, etc… so ok we are against police repression but let’s keep things in perspective.


Regarding the pseudo-fascist tendencies of some Nejad supporters namely in the revolutionary guard and Basij. i personally think this is unimportant, as you described yourself , the support basis of Nejad is in its majority under-class and marginalized, and his enemies are middle class and clergy leading elites, I think this is the main fear we should have.
The middle class can mobilize millions in Teheran and elsewhere, is better organized, more determined and well supported inside and outside Iran. You can be sure that already CIA operatives are trying to create an alternative leadership on the ground to sideline any compromise that Musavi might be tempted to have with Nejad. Because of this, it is good in my opinion that Basij no matter how thuggish they are indeed, do side with Nejad. They will be needed to show a fist to the the CIA supported neo-liberal middle classers who only see in Musavi a version of Gorbatshev that will be dumpt later for some kind of Yeltsin coming from their midst.
I think the correct way to position ourselves on this is to identify the interest of Imperialism( USA and Europe) and to stand on the other side. I think things are clear that way. And if you want to side with the majority of oppressed Iranians then you also know where to stand. in Both logics Nejad is the progressive element…….. what I meant …..  is that the majority of the oppressed Iranians are those who are oppressed by poverty and the world structure of imperialism and they voted for Nejad. What about sympathizing with those?


Are you saying here the elections were rigged? and that 62 percent did not vote on Nejad? can you make this hard with proof?
I am not convinced by this analysis, I look at the composition of this protest movement an it is clearly middle class and it is lead by Mousavi who belongs to the new Iranian aristocracy, supported buy equally rich Khatemi and super rich Rafsanjani. I see Nejad faced by the establishment and not the other way round. I see the supporters of Nejad that you call lompenproletariat as the proto type of the oppressed Iranian by that establishment.
Besides Mousavi already said that there should be an opening towards the west and criticized Nejad for being "extreme" and he wondered why Iranian money is going to Beirut and Gaza. you can be sure that the people standing behind him go even farther than this. For me these are indications of wanting Iran to retreat from the anti-imperial and anti-Zionist camp.

………….for me this is 14 marsh but in Iran. i heard it all before back then: the progressive anti imperialist components of 14 march, the democratic left component and all the load of crap.  the polarization in our world does not allow these illusions. Iran the major enemy of the U.S and Israel today, this movement is aiming at changing that and creating an new Iran that will play into the hand of the imperialists. I don’t trust neither Mousavi neither the polished versions of Iranians who see Gorbathsev in him, with a Yeltsin behind the door. What does any liberal demand weigh against this? in my view nothing at all.

……. we cannot afford to have a new pro-western Iran. Conceding to this velvet revolution will mean exactly that on the long run. It will strengthen imperialism and imperialism is killing us while for you guys it is just an analytical concept you attack while living within its comfortable system in the imperialist center itself.  For me if Iran falls to these yuppies bombs will be falling on my head and the heads of my family in Lebanon and the resistance defending us will have less money and arms to do so. I don’t care about Marxist dogma and less about Leninist praxis and I care even less about the dynamics of the yuppies-international that will sympathize with fellow yuppies and ipoders and twitters and bloggers regardless. Ahmadi Nejad is a man of the resistance and even if he would stand alone i will prefer him any time above the yuppies and their cheer leaders.

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