05 Jul 2009 @ 6:25 PM 

Marwa el sharbini a 32 years old Pharmacist, a wife and a mother was stabbed to death last Wednesday in a court of law because of wearing the Islamic headscarf. Marwa was pregnant in her third month. This took place in the German city of Dresden. The killer is a German citizen of 28 years old who is the neighbor of the young Egyptian couple.

The German man has been harassing Al Sharbini for long months, and calling her a “terrorist”. he also allegedly removed her head scarf by force from her head on several occasions.  Sherbini then filed a law suit against the man and last Wednesday he was sentenced to pay her a fine of some 700 euro, after being found guilty by a judge. His reaction was to pull a knife and to stab her 18 times, Marwa Died on the spot. Her husband who rushed to save her was both stabbed by the man and shot by the police. he remained in coma for 3 days and is recovering now. Her young son Mustafa who is 3 years old was also stabbed by the man but survived.

The western media did not give any attention to the case as if it is an irrelevant fait divers that is not related to any social pattern. The fact is that these kind of racist murders have been occurring sporadically in Europe for the last ten years or so,  in a frightening pattern of murderous racial hatred against Muslims and Arabs.

These violent acts are the result of the criminalization of Muslims and of their religion, and the stigmatization of women with headscarf that is taking place all over the old continent. From laws in France banning the Hijab from public institutions to school by-laws banning it in Belgium, it is all part of a generalized campaign of hatred and bigotry against Muslims lead not by the far right, but by the European main stream parties and media.

let us imagine the victim of Wednesday was a Jewish woman killed by an Arab for wearing Jewish religious clothing in Egypt, what would the reaction of the Media and public opinion be? just contemplate that and you will understand how sick, biased and racist European society is.

It is time for minorities in Europe and especially Arabs and Muslims to unite together with other Europeans who refuse injustice. It is also time to consider these kind of attacks as terrorist attacks and deal with them as such. The perpetrators should be dealt with harshly and not acquitted or declared unfit to face trial as happened often in the past. This cannot pass.

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